Berth construction

Since berths differ in their purpose (passenger, special purpose, cargo etc.) and expected operational load, the methods of their construction are different: a berth with a boardwalk designed for disembarking passengers is easier and cheaper to build than a concrete massif for loading works in a port.

Berths come in different types: a bulkhead wall located along the coast, which allows extending the usable shore area; a berth on piles; a pontoon berth suitable for water reservoirs with little waving; a berth perpendicular to the shore and allowing ships to moor on both sides of the structure.

The construction of berths uses various materials, which have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, one of the most optimal solutions today is the use of gabion structures (steel mesh filled with stone), which perfectly withstand any temperature and demonstrate good performance in both fresh and salt water. Such structures do not have a negative impact on the environment, which is very important.

Piles, on which the berths are built, can be made of reinforced concrete, screws, or wood. The choice depends on many factors. For example, a wooden bar is needed for decoration; but metal pipes filled with concrete, as well as submerged screw and reinforced-concrete piles do a good job with heavy loads.

HydroBud Ukraine LLC is engaged in the construction of berths of any type. We will develop a project, compile all the necessary documentation and draw up a construction plan that will help us complete the work on time.

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