Construction of pumping stations

Pumping stations are built both to provide water and to dispose of sewage. HydroBud Ukraine LLC provides a full range of services in the field of construction of this type of hydraulic structures, starting with the preparation of documentation and development of the project and ending with the launch of the facility.
Pumping stations are necessary not only for pumping fluids but also for pumping out water that has been formed, for example, as a result of an emergency or flood. In addition, special attention should be given to hydraulic structures of this type, which are used to supply water to various “large” facilities (industrial buildings, individual areas etc.).

Features of the construction of pumping stations

Prior to the start of construction work, a number of preparatory activities are carried out, which allow for simultaneous construction of the facility, installation, arrangement of pumps and compressors and adjustment of technical equipment.

In particular, geological and hydrological surveys are conducted at the installation site and pipelines, as well as engineering networks and water intake nodes, are designed. During the construction of a pumping station building, requirements for the installation of the main and auxiliary equipment, pipelines and other “components” in it are taken into account.
During the design of the facility, the operating modes of the equipment are necessarily determined, because correct pumps and pipelines can only be selected in this way. Usually the project is developed on the basis of a terms of reference, which includes such data as the purpose of the facility, its location, the volume of water consumption and adjustment of its supply, as well as the location of water intake and power sources etc.

It is worth noting that correct calculations are necessary to reduce the cost of construction and installation work and subsequent operation of hydraulic structures.
The choice of equipment is determined individually, taking into account the purpose of the facility, the characteristics of the selected area and the water supply level and pressure. For example, in some cases the use of filter elements is advisable; in others, it is not. Specialists of HydroBud Ukraine LLC who have been engaged in the construction of hydraulic structures for many years will select the optimal solutions based on individual desires of the customer and project features.

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