Dam construction.

In the course of construction of dams, as well as in the course of construction of other hydraulic facilities, many factors, both natural and technical, are taken into account. HydroBud Ukraine LLC performs this type of work on a turn-key basis, starting with the development of the project and ending with the commissioning of the dam.

More about dams

A dam is a water supporting structure designed to regulate water flows, protect against flooding and create lakes, ponds and other artificial water reservoirs. This type of hydraulic structures is usually massive and voluminous because it must be as resistant as possible to wind, waves, water pressure etc.
Often soil, sand and gravel, stone, sand and other materials are used for the construction of dams. As for the watertight elements (screens, cores), clay, loam, or clay concrete is used. Upper slopes must be strengthened with concrete slab or stones and lower slopes with gravel. By the way, the construction of dams made of stone and soil is cheaper than other options.

The principle of the construction of dams is selected depending on their purpose. For example, during the construction of an artificial water reservoir, embankment dams are built to protect the territory from the side of the water reservoir. But to strengthen the banks of the mountain rivers, dams are built that can withstand increased loads. In this case, mesh structures made of steel wire covered with protective materials and filled with stones are used.

Our company is engaged in the construction of any dams. Each project is developed individually, taking into account the desires of the customer and features and purpose of the facility.

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