Reconstruction and overhaul of existing berths

Change of seasons, changes in water level, high humidity and other factors invariably lead to the gradual destruction of berthing facilities and, therefore, to the need for a major overhaul or reconstruction of the facility.

Before carrying out repairs, an assessment of the condition of the structure is necessarily carried out and design documentation, which determines the scope and procedure for forthcoming works, is compiled. In addition, strengthening of the coast and arrangement of the coastal area may become necessary in the course of reconstruction and other measures aimed at putting the berth in order; all this is discussed at the design stage.

HydroBud Ukraine LLC performs reconstruction and overhauls of berthing facilities of any complexity. Our experts will perform all the necessary calculations to offer you the most effective solution.

The time and cost of work directly depends on the degree of destruction of and damage to the existing berth. Expert assessment, well written documentation, a detailed plan of upcoming events and a team of professionals will all help to complete the project within the timeframe agreed with the customer.

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