Professional works on the construction of hydraulic structures, protection of the coastline

HydroBud Ukraine LLC has been a participant in the construction services market of Ukraine since 2012. The high level qualification of our employees allows us to perform various types of construction, lifting and design work, including:

  • design, construction and reconstruction of industrial and commercial facilities;
  • construction and reconstruction of trunk engineering networks;
  • construction of waterworks and transport infrastructure facilities;
  • arrangement of motor roads, bridges, viaducts and railroad crossings.

When working on the construction of facilities, our company acts as a general contractor and independently performs a full range of work on the arrangement of:

  • foundations of buildings and structures (including piled foundations);
  • earthwork and work on water drawdown and soil stabilization;
  • installation, laying or arrangement of monolithic reinforced-concrete structures of aboveground parts of buildings and structures;
  • erection of structural steel;
  • arrangement of pile substructures of berths (straight sheet pile, pipe), concreting of the hydraulic engineering part of structures;
  • construction of bridge abutments and superstructures;
  • arrangement of transport facilities including removal of engineering networks and construction of new ones.

HydroBud Ukraine LLC is also engaged in the construction of hydraulic structures and the strengthening of the shoreline of water reservoirs. These works are aimed at protecting the area from damage.

Thanks to our team of experienced specialists, as well as the availability of logistic base, we are able to design the construction of any complexity level near water.

HydroBud Ukraine LLC seeks to promote the prestige and reputation of the hydro-construction profession. During the implementation of projects, all planned works are organized in compliance with requirements of the current legislation and are based on the necessary regulatory and feasibility studies.

We adhere to relevant national and international standards. High quality, safety, health, environmental safety and social policy are priorities for our company.