Berth Reconstruction to Cost UAH 5.6 Bln

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In four ports of Ukraine, 11 berths will be reconstructed and a new one will be built. Works worth UAH 5.6 billion are planned for 2017-2018.
According to Raivis Veckagans, the Head of the Ukrainian Seaport Authority, expanding competition in tenders will provide the optimum cost of work. Therefore, the market will be open for foreign companies that have earned a big name in their field.

In addition, the USPA is working to simplify the procedure for approval and approval of project documentation relating to the construction of facilities for which money is allocated from the budget.

Yuzhny Port

In Yuzhny port, berths N° 5, 6, 7, 8 will be reconstructed. The capacity of the first two berths is 7.8 million tons annually, while the indicator of the latter two is 3.3 million tons/year.
The cost of work, which is given 51 months to complete, is estimated at UAH 2 billion. During this time, the waterside will be upgraded, the depth of berths will increase: from 18 to 21 meters for berths N° 5 and 6; from 14 to 19 meters for berth N° 7; and from 17 to 17 meters for berth N° 8. After the work, the total capacity will be 41.3 million.

Chernomorsk Port

Berth N° 1 of the Chernomorsk Port is an all-purpose berth; its depth will be increased from 13 to 15 meters. The work will take 14 months to complete and will cost UAH 88 million.
Berth N° 2 is more shallow. Now its depth is 11.5 meters but is planned to increase to 15 meters in 23 months. A total of UAH 700 million will be allocated to berth N° 2.
The cost of reconstruction of berths Nos. 7 and 8 will be UAH 678 million and the implementation time will be 24 months. The depth of the berths will be increased to 16 meters.

Odessa Port

In Odessa port, not only the reconstruction of berth N° 7 will be carried out (for METALSUKRAINE Corp. LTD), but also a new berth will be built, N° 1 (for Brooklyn-Kiev Port company).
The depth of berth N° 7 will be increased to 13.5 meters in 28 months. The volume of investments will be UAH 1 billion. Competitive bidding will be held in the Prozorro system.
Berth N° 1 with a length of 254 meters and a depth of 12 meters will be completed during the year. Construction will cost UAH 332 million.

Mariupol Port

The cost of reconstruction of berths N° 3 (145 meters) and N° 4 (234 meters) of the port of Mariupol will be UAH 283 million. Work must be completed in 1.5 years. The design depth is 9.75 meters.

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