Ukraine: Port Charges to Decrease in 2018

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  • Ukraine: Port Charges to Decrease in 2018

On 1 January, the rates of port charges (ship, anchor, administrative etc.) will be reduced by 20% in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. This decision was agreed during the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.

According to Vladimir Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure, this decision will positively affect the growth of competition of the ports of Ukraine in the Black Sea basin.

“We made a promise and we have delivered. Thanks to the Government for supporting such an important initiative. We count on a complex effect from the implementation of such a solution: reduction of the cost of logistics, increase of the cargo transhipment by Ukrainian ports, increase of competitiveness and as a result, Ukraine’s full integration into international transport corridors and development of the New Silk Road,” said Mr. Omelyan.

According to the minister, the decision is the first serious step, which will be followed by others: in the future, charges will be reduced even more.

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