Construction of deep footing on displacement piles

Displacement-pile foundation is a one-stop solution because it can be erected on all soil types. Such foundations are known by their strength and excellent technical characteristics: maximum bearing capacity, reliability and stability. Displacement piles can be made of solid wood; however, it is precisely reinforced concrete piles of solid square section that are widely used in civil and industrial construction.

The fact is that their use reduces the cost and intensity of work. Installation of displacement piles is possible only with special equipment: a hydraulic hammer, which is installed on special machinery. The length and cross-section of the support is determined individually, taking into account the mass of the future structure, the type of soil and other factors.

The foundation on displacement piles can be of two types:

  • Tiled, when the area of ​​support on the ground is maximum;
  • Continuous, which implies a smaller area of ​​support. Both types are fairly reliable, but the former is still preferable in most cases. Installation of supports can be made in the form of a pile field (piled rafts), single supports placed in problem points of the soil and numerous supports driven under the walls of the structure. HydroBud Ukraine LLC is engaged in the construction of the foundation of any type with the use of displacement, continuous flight auguring and other piles. We will find a solution depending on the particular construction and carry out all the work at a convenient time for you.

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