Construction engineering and logistics suppor

Construction engineering and logistics support HydroBud Ukraine offers engineering and logistics services for construction, which are designed to facilitate work on the construction site and to reduce related costs.

The following types of services are offered as part of engineering support:

  • design and quantity estimationion;
  • conduct of geotechnical studies;
  • technological workflows development;
  • construction budget determination;
  • compilation and subsequent management of documentation.

Implementation of construction logistics measures allows for a significant simplification of the process of interaction with suppliers. In particular, the logistic support service assumes control over deliveries, cost reduction and cost of labour and maintains records of resources received and used. Simply put, the main task is to simplify the construction process by providing all the necessary materials.

Engineering and logistics services for construction are particularly needed in the construction of large facilities, where every aspect must be controlled. With the participation of our experts, the work will be carried out in accordance with the developed schedule, which will allow for its timely completion.

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