Construction of deep footing on cast in situ piles

Continuous flight auguring piles are the optimal solution for the so-called “weak” soils (such as peat) and for cases where the application of other foundation technologies at the facility under construction is impossible. “Continuous flight auguring foundation” means the method of driving of piles, which consists in the drilling of wells followed by their concreting with the use of metal fittings, as well as casing.

Continuous flight auguring piles are widely used, starting with cities, where other methods of driving may have a negative impact on nearby buildings and ending with heavy industrial facilities.

Advantages of this foundation construction method include:

  • Depth installation;
  • Possibility of installation on a landslide-prone slope;
  • Minimum amount of earthworks;
  • High carrying capacity;
  • Lower cost and installation time, as compared to other methods.

HydroBud Ukraine LLC is engaged both in the construction of deep footings using continuous flight auguring piles and in the construction of other types of foundations. The method to be used will be chosen depending on the features of the project and will be done by professionals in their field.

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