Construction of deep footing on sunk wells

Construction of deep footing on sunk wells. A sunk well is a through-type usually symmetrical closed structure that is placed in the ground completely or, as an option, assembled from a section and properly concreted.

Sunk wells can be submerged in two ways: either by their weight or by vibration, which guarantees a better fixation. The observance of verticality during lowering is of utmost importance in the construction of such a foundation. The soil can be removed either by a clamshell excavator or by a water-jet installation. Such structures are used for the construction of foundations in the areas covered with water in the course of construction of hydraulic structures (pumping stations, water intakes, dams etc.).

Sunk wells can be made from reinforced concrete, brickwork, or in some cases, wood and metal. The lower part of the cylinder contains the largest volume of reinforcement; and the outer walls are made, for example, stepped or vertical.

The choice of the shape of the cylinder depends on construction objectives and features. Thus, the walls of a round cylinder are able to withstand the pressure of the soil much better. At the same time, tensile stresses appear in the walls of rectangular or square cylinders; therefore, given this nuance, they are made of reinforced concrete.

When choosing wells, it should be understood that this method of building the foundation is more expensive than, for example, the foundation on driven or bored piles, more laborious and requires careful technical supervision to avoid inclination errors when lowering the structure into the ground.

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